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Shader pack vol.1 is a shader collection of 30 basic shaders + 12 bonus shaders(post effects included) for the Torque 3D game engine. If you need stainless steel, brass or other metallic materials for your virtual presentation or specialized software or you need fantasy, emerald, diamond, plastic and shiny materials for your game you are ready to go. You can also use these shaders as a foundation to your new custom materials.

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced programmer. This collection comes with examples for every shader and a complete manual.

Start making amazing materials today!

Shader pack vol.1 consists of:

1.Environment Reflection + Eye Specular

usage: polished metallic and non-metallic surfaces. For instance stainless steel/inox, brass, copper, gold etc.(several examples provided)

2.Environment Reflection + Refraction

usage: surfaces that produce reflection and refraction

3.Environment Reflection + Refraction + Color

usage: minerals, colored glass, etc.

4.Environment Reflection + 1D

usage: effects based on a gradient map

5.Environment Glossy + Specular

usage: glossy, fantasy or alien surfaces

6.Environment Cube Reflection + Bump

usage: surfaces with reflection and bump mapping

7.Environment Cube Reflection + Specular

usage: surfaces with reflection and specular.For instance "car paint".

8.Environment DOT3 Reflection

usage: surfaces with normal mapping and reflection. For instance "satin metal", "forged steel".(several examples provided)

9.Environment DOT3 Extended

usage: classical normal mapping, light cubemap reflection and specular


usage: china surfaces


usage: gems


usage: shiny effects

13.Diffuse + Glossy + Specular

usage: metallic flashes, hairstyle effects, etc.(art is very important for the final result)

14.Complex Lens RayTracing

usage: lens effects. Requires four cubemaps.

15.Blazed Normal Mapping

usage: glossy relief surfaces(coins, tokens, etc.)

16.Gradient Fast

usage: gradient effects


usage: rubber and soft plastic surfaces


usage: polymer and hard/solid plastic surfaces

19.Colored Cube Reflection

usage: colored cube reflection in screen space. Lens, fantasy effects, etc.

20.Light2 Bake To Base

usage: can be used to appropriately illuminate objects that use a color for their diffuse color. Uses two light sources.

21.Light3 Bake To Diffuse

usage: can be used to appropriately illuminate objects that use a map for their diffuse color. Uses three light sources.

22.Normal Mapping Extended

usage: normal mapping with complex specular based on specified light source


usage: velvet effects

24.Toon 3 Simple

usage: toon effects based on three basic colors

25.Toon Simple + Diffuse Edge

usage: toon effects based on a passed in gradient map

26.Toon Filter

usage: toon effects based on a diffuse map

27.Toon Simple + Environment Reflection

usage: toon effects with environment reflection based on passed in three basic colors and environment map

28.Toon Simple + Reflection + Specular

usage: toon effects with reflection and specular based on a single color

29.Simple Wavy Surface

usage: lava, water, toxic lakes and rivers.

30.Subsurface Scattering (Simple)

usage: skin effects

31. Black And White (**Post FX version included)

(Bonus shader)

usage: black/white effect

32. Embossed (**Post FX version included)

(Bonus shader)

usage: embossed effect

33. Grain Filter (**Post FX version included)

(Bonus shader)

usage: TV effect

34. Invert (**Post FX version included)

(Bonus shader)

usage: invert effect

35. Sharpen (**Post FX version included)

(Bonus shader)

usage: sharpen effect

36. Noise Filter (**Post FX version included)

(Bonus shader)

usage: noise effect.

37. Sobel Diffuse Edge Detection (**Post FX version included)

(Bonus shader)

usage: sobel diffuse edge detection effect

38. Monochrome (**Post FX version included)

(Bonus shader)

usage: monochrome effect

Post FX only

39. Turbolence (**Post FX only)

(Bonus shader)

usage: underwater effect

Post FX only

40. Radius Blend (**Post FX only)

(Bonus shader)

usage: low visibility effect

41. Brick

(Bonus shader)

usage: Brick generator.

42. Environment Spherical Reflection

(Bonus shader)

usage: Fake reflection effects.

Torque 3D game engine Torque 3D game engine. Compatible versions : All versions.

OS:Windows XP SP2/Vista/Win7/Win8

Processor:Intel or AMD Processor @ 1 Ghz

Memory:512 MB RAM (1GB recommended)

Graphics:DirectX compatible video card

DirectX®:DirectX 9.0c+

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Q : How to buy?

A : Click on "Buy now" and complete the secure order form.


Q : How do I get the product?

A : Once your order is processed you will immediately receive an e-mail with a link to your product and invoice of your purchase.


Q : What exactly does this shader package contain?

A : This package consists of ready to use HLSL files (shaders' code), full manual, installation instructions and an example shape that is already setup to work with every single shader of this package. In addition there are two free cubemaps and many textures used for the demonstrations.


Q : I am a person who is learning how to code shaders. Is this shader package going to improve my learning?

A : The best way to learn something is to look into the already made examples. The shaders in this package demonstrate various techniques such as : raytracing; working in TBN space; working in EYE space; working in TBN to EYE space; color blending; color filtering; color interpolation; working with timers and pixel animation; working with 1D, 2D, Alpha and Cube maps; working with light emitters; etc.


Q : Do I need to make any modifications to Torque 3D's source code to get these shaders working?

A : No, you don't need to make any modifications to the source code.


Q : How to make this shader collection work in Torque 3D 1.0 (older versions)?

A : You don't need to make any changes to the shaders code. You only need to edit the *.cs files in the examples. By default the examples of this shader collection are setup for Torque 3D 1.2. To make them work in Torque 3D 1.0 you must change the sampler["parameter"] syntax to texture[num]. For example :

sampler["cube0"] = "$cubemap";
sampler["bump0"] = "normalmap";

must become :

texture[0] = "$cubemap";
texture[1] = "normalmap";


Q : Why changing sun parameters (color, ambient, brightness, etc.) doesn't affect my shape?

A : Because each shader uses its already defined lighting model. It can be tweaked in the shaders' code. Refer to the manual. If you want your shapes to be affected by light emitters (Sun, scene lights, etc.) please refer to Shadows and Lighting for custom materials tutorial.


Q : Can my custom materials receive shadows and lighting?

A : Yes. By default all the shaders in this collection are setup to receive no shadows and lighting. If you want to enable this feature to your custom materials refer to Shadows and Lighting for custom materials tutorial.


Q : Can I use this shader collection for commercial purposes (creating games for PC, consoles or other kind of spacialized software)?

A : Yes.


Q : Can I use this shader collection for non-game software?

A : Yes.