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Shader pack vol.2 "Glow effects" is a shader collection of 10 shaders for the Torque 3D game engine. These shaders produce glow effects based on the Post FX system. Glow effects are often used on objects such as lamps, burning objects, gems, players, enemies, energy fields and others and are essential part of almost every game. This shader package gives you the opportunity to replace the default glow effect in Torque 3D with a new one. Every shader in this collection uses a unique algorithm to produce glowing. The shaders are supplied with parameters that change color, brightness, range of glowing, etc.

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced programmer. This collection comes with examples for every shader and a complete manual.

Shader pack vol.2 consists of:

1.Depth Glow

Produces glowing rays based on near and far depth colors. The algorithm is based on a linear interpolation between the two colors.

2.Radial Glow

Produces glowing rays based on a radial perturbation. The color of the glowing rays is adjustable.

3.Misty Glow

The glow effect produced by this shader is based on bluring near-by pixels.

4.Hard Glow

The glow in this effect is based on horizontal and vertical filters through several taps.

5.Flare Glow

This effect produces a radiance based on exponential steps.

6.Mask Glow

This shader uses two filters (texture coordinates and a mask filter).

7.Power Glow

This shader produces a powerful radiance.

8.Power Flare Glow

This shader produces a heavy glow effect with a very high quality.

9.Heat Glow

This shader produces an animated glow effect with a certain speed and spread. The shader has many parameters and multiple variations can be achieved. It best suits for burning objects, lamps, lava, etc.

10.Magic Rays

Produces glowing rays. The color of the rays depends on the diffuse map used by the shape. The rays' direction can be adjusted to single/all.

Torque 3D game engine Torque 3D game engine. Compatible versions : All versions.

OS:Windows XP SP2/Vista/Win7/Win8

Processor:Intel or AMD Processor @ 1 Ghz

Memory:512 MB RAM (1GB recommended)

Graphics:DirectX compatible video card

DirectX®:DirectX 9.0c+

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Q : How to buy?

A : Click on "Buy now" and complete the secure order form.


Q : How do I get the product?

A : Once your order is processed you will immediately receive an e-mail with a link to your product and invoice of your purchase.


Q : What exactly does this shader package contain?

A : This package consists of ready to use HLSL files (shaders' code), full manual, installation instructions and an example shape for testing purposes.


Q : I am a person who is learning how to code shaders. Is this shader package going to improve my learning?

A : The best way to learn something is to look into the already made examples. The shaders in this package demonstrate various techniques such as : color blending; color filtering; color interpolation; working with timers and pixel animation; working with pixel depth; working with texel shifts and offsets; working with tap weights; etc.


Q : Do I need to make any modifications to Torque 3D's source code to get these shaders working?

A : No, you don't need to make any modifications to the Torque 3D source code.


Q : Can I use more than one glow effect at the same time on different shapes during the game play?

A : Yes. By default Torque 3D supports only one glow effect. Adding multiple glow effects support to the engine requires source code modifications. For those interested please refer to this resource.


Q : Why some of the shaders don't work?

A : You graphic accelerator should support Shader Model 3 (SM3).


Q : Why my glow effects are so bright?

A : Probably you have setup your Sun "elevation" and "brighness" to high values. Try to make them lower.


Q : Can I use this shader collection for commercial purposes (creating games for PC, consoles or other kind of spacialized software)?

A : Yes.


Q : Can I use this shader collection for non-game software?

A : Yes.