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Textures vol.3 "Ancient Architecture" is a collection of high resolution images of seamlessly tileable textures. As its name describes this texture collection is dedicated to ancient architecture. Among these textures you will find a rich variety of stone masonries, many ancient surfaces of granite, limestone and marble in combination of old wood. All textures have been crafted from original photography and made seamlessly tileable by hand. Especially for this collection all the photo material was made in the ancient towns of Messemvria, Apolonia, Anhialo and Agatopol. All textures are crafted in a way to not constantly bring repeating details to the user's attention when tiled.

All the images are in JPEG format and can be used in any modelling application, game engine or other program that supports JPEG format.



diffuse map

normal map

specular map

100 individual color images, hand crafted from 100% original photography. Each texture has its own unique normal and specular maps comprising of exactly 300 texture maps.

All textures are provided in the JPEG format with the highest quality settings. In this collection you will find:

- a rich variety of stone masonries in combination of wood:

- ancient stone surfaces:

- granite, limestone, brickworks:

... and many others. A complete description about all textures is included in the catalogue.

003_diffuse 041_diffuse 044_diffuse 076_diffuse 077_diffuse

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Q : How to buy?

A : Click on "Buy now" and complete the secure order form.


Q : How do I get the product?

A : Once your order is processed you will immediately receive an e-mail with a link to your product and invoice of your purchase.


Q : What does this collection contain?

A : This texture collection contains 300 high resolution images of seamlessly tileable textures : 100 diffuse maps, 100 normal maps, 100 specular maps and a catalogue.


Q : In what applications can I use these images?

A : All the images are in JPEG format. They can be opened and used in any modelling application, game engine, image editing tool or other program that supports the JPEG format.


Q : For whom is this the right collection?

A : This texture collection is right for designers and artists who need high quality images for their 2D or 3D projects. This collection is especially suitable for game design, architectural visualizations, CAD and advertising.


Q : What is the normal map's format?

A : All the normal maps in this collection are tangent space normal maps, DirectX style.


Q : What is the bit depth of the images in this collection?

A : All the images(diffuse, normal and specular) are 24 bit.


Q : Why the specular maps in this collection are 24 bit?

A : Many game engines require 24 bit images for specular mapping. Therefore instead of reducing the specular maps to 8 bit we decided to leave them 24 bit.


Q : Are all the maps(not just the diffuse, but specular and normal) completely seamlessly tileable?

A : Yes.


Q : Can I use this texture collection for commercial purposes?

A : Yes. You can use these textures in commercial productions without any additional cost.